Marching Band Arrangements

Marching Band Arrangements:

All arranging will be done according to the desires of the band director, with constant awareness of the strengths and weaknesses described by the band director.

All arrangements will come complete with full conductor’s score, individual instrument parts, and CD of computer playback of the arrangement with click count-off measures.

These are some attributes typically found in my competitive Marching Band arrangements:

  • Grade 2.5 – 3.5
  • flutes & clarinets usually in unison
  • 2 part trumpets
  • 1 “alto” part for alto sax & horn
  • 1 “low brass” part, includes trombone, baritone, & tenor sax
  • 1 tuba/bass
  • percussion:
    • Snare
    • Multi-toms (quad/quints)
    • Multiple sized/pitched bass drums
    • Crash cymbals
    • Bells & Xylophone, who also play aux. items
  •  Percussion may be stationary or marching (not including the mallet percussion)

Though this demonstrates my “typical” arrangements, which are usually written for smaller bands, I am more than capable of writing at harder grade levels with greater instrumentation demands.

Popular music arrangements are available for use in the stands at football games and crowd rallying events.