Marching Contest Announcer

I am interested and qualified to be an announcer for marching contests, and I would love to announce for you. Please consider my following attributes:

  • I have a very nice announcing voice.
  • I don’t have much (if any) accent.
  • I will make every band feel like they are the most important band at the contest.
  • I have experience pronouncing unusual student and adult names.
  • I know how to pronounce most composers names, like Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich.
  • After successfully running the Capital City Classic as the band director at Columbia High for 14 years, I understand the proper order in which the results are to be announced.

For venues within a 30 mile radius of my home in Irmo, my fee is based on the number of bands that perform, $4.00 a band, $6.00 a band if “shout outs” or “happy grams” are needed to be read. The price increases slightly the further I would have to travel.  These fees include all contest-related announcements and Awards Ceremony/Ceremonies.