Marching Band Show Design

Marching Band Show Design:

A typical show design usually consists of 4 songs or movements, each depicting a different scene or emotion

  • 1st song: Sometimes a fanfare or other appropriate introduction, followed by an upbeat musical statement that sets the tone/story for the remainder of the show
  • 2nd song (sometimes 3rd): Ballad which typically features a soloist or small ensemble (or both) which builds to full band dynamic, and many times returns to soloist/ensemble
  • 3rd song (sometimes 2nd): Percussion feature typically built on a more raucous, energized musical statement, with solo/feature sections for snare, multi-toms, and bass drums, sometimes uses wind members singing or chanting
  • 4th song: Upbeat musical statement that attempts to tie the previous three selections together, many times finishing with a reprise of the opening song or restatement of fanfare/intro

I have written many shows for my own bands during my career.  Perhaps one of them is right for you, or maybe we can come up with something new and original.