G4BLogoGunning4Band provides a wide variety of services to Middle and High School Bands, College Bands, soloists and small ensembles, as well as contemporary ensembles like rock, country, and R&B artists and groups, church Praise & Worship teams, and jazz artists.  Check out the short descriptions below, and click on the drop down menus under the Services tab for more specific information.

Marching Band:

  • Show design that lifts and releases at the appropriate times, maintaining themes and pulling at emotions.
  • Music arrangements from competitive shows to crowd-pleasing stands tunes, tailored to amplify the band’s strengths and downplay the band’s weaknesses.
  • Drill writing that make sense to teach and learn, using available “pick-points” on the field with sensible shapes and intervals, which develop accurately and appropriately with the music.
  • Adjudicator for marching contests (best in Music and Effectiveness categories).
  • Motivational speaker for band members and programs.
  • Announcer for marching contests.

Concert Band:

  • Music arrangements and original compositions, tailored to amplify the band’s strengths and downplay the band’s weaknesses.
  • Guest clinician for concert festival preparations.
  • Clinician/conductor at county, region, and state band clinics.

Custom Services:

  • Arrangements and compositions for special occasions, i.e. Solo & Ensemble Festivals, church events, featured performers at concerts, etc.
  • Critical analysis through recordings or live performances of contemporary musical ensembles, including but not limited to rock, country, and/or R&B bands, praise & worship teams, jazz ensembles.